Start Point.png

This is where the player will spawn with the character.

It is not necessary to have to play the game as you can have cameras set up instead.

The default controls are "WASD" to move around "SHIFT" to sprint and "SPACEBAR" to jump.

If you find any weapons, it's "LEFT CLICK" to attack and "RIGHT CLICK" to aim with a gun.

It will work even if it doesn't have power.

You switch weapons by default with 1, 2 and 3.

Giving power to a different start point than the one you spawn at will switch your character with the other one.


Settings Description Values Info
Power Sets it to be on, off or

receive power from other



Player This is where you set player ID. It is used for multiplayer PlayerX Some Gameplay Props can target specific player ID's
Lives Sets how many lives this specific player has 1 - 999
Character Here you choose which model the player will use.
  1. AverageJoe
  2. Tronald Dump
  3. Sphere
  4. Barrel
  5. Norman
  6. Boy
  7. Ghostboy
  8. Norman Pumpkin
  9. Norman Ghost
  10. Polar Girl
  11. Norman Santa
  12. Normette Elf
  13. Male
  14. Female
  15. Acki The Cave Hunter
  16. Acki The Knight
  1. White shirt and blue pants what more do you need
  2. The Big Wig himself
  3. Is that a ball?
  4. Talk about hide and seek
  5. Norman the blue boy in red
  6. AverageJoe as a kid? Who knows!
  7. When you take Halloween semi-serious
  8. Norman who tried to eat a pumpkin from inside out
  9. Is that a real ghost or Norman with a curtain over his head?
  10. A girl with polar expedition clothes
  11. Norman dressed as Great Father Winter or a Christmas tree decoration?
  12. The Christmas tree decorations side kick or maybe she is the main kick?
  13. This guy has the opposite style of AverageJoe
  14. Ready to go to bed or ready to run a marathon? Probably both!
  15. A lil'Thief with the tools to misbehave
  16. Acki dressed up in full plate ready to slay dragons! or maybe crabs? You decide
Weapon This is where you choose if the player start with a weapon or none at all
  1. Baseball Bat
  2. Pistol
  3. Acki Axe
  4. Golden Spanner
  5. Medieval Sword
  6. None
  1. Batter up!
  2. Hold "RIGHT CLICK" to aim!
  3. Chop Chop!
  4. Fancy problems require Fancy equipment!
  5. For slaying Dragons and Goblins!
  6. Or start with no weapon at all
Destructible If ON the player can die from damage ON/OFF If OFF you can still die from death triggers like the water
Run Speed This will set the run speed of the character 0.10 - 99.90 Sprint speed is different for each character model
Accel time Sets how long it takes to reach full run speed 0.10 - 99.90 This is also how long it takes to get full speed out of sprint
Stop time How long it takes to stop 0.10 - 99.90
Jump height Sets how high the character can jump 0.10 - 99.90 Jump Time is not affected by this
Jump time Sets how long it takes to reach the peak of a jump 0.10 - 99.90 Jump height is not affected by this
2D Movement If ON locks the player from moving on the Z plane (to the right and left) ON/OFF The sides the player can't move to is decided by which way the player character is looking at the start of the game
Double Jump If ON allows the player to jump a second time mid air ON/OFF Double Jump is also affected by Jump height and Jump Time
Blob shadow If ON shows a shadow directly below the character on the ground regardless of how high up the character is ON/OFF
Mass sets how heavy the player is 0.00 - 500.00 This is how much the player character is going to be affected by gravity